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  • Less practice, more doctor

    Hand on your heart: even if “going to the doctor” is always a good decision, even if just to exclude doubt – nowadays, some smaller matters can be resolved without cumbersome journeys.

    Video consultations are not yet the norm – but, from our point of view, they are a wonderful way of staying in contact with your doctor on a case-by-case basis or, also, regularly, in order to clarify questions or to ensure treatment is progressing properly.

    In the future, it may not be possible to replace some of the things that need to be done during a visit to a doctor in person, but today, many things can be clarified virtually, discussed or be reassured about – without you having to leave the comfort of your own home. You could say, with video consulting you need to visit the practice less, but you still get “more doctor”.


    Your video consultation in just four steps

    Step 1

    Call the practice (089 25 547 547) and agree upon your desired appointment time for the video consultation.

    Step 2

    As confirmation you will receive a link for your personal online consultation.

    Step 3

    At the agreed time, click on the link.

    Step 4

    I’ll join you. Welcome to your personal video consultation!